sabato 13 giugno 2009

My Soundtrack

Today L'Armadio del Delitto challenged me with a fun tag: I have to choose my personal soundtrack! I don't post about music often, so, breaking the rules a little - I should list songs for specific categories like "songs for a blue mood", "favorite movie soundtrack" etc. - I thought to look back in memories and create a personal playlist...Don't ask where's the line with this: it's just me!

Photo: Freudianslipvintage

Click on the titles to listen to each song :-)

Sunday Girl - Blondie
Cause it's my theme song!

No Need To Argue - The Cranberries
Cause it's my fave song from the first album I've ever bought. It was 1994...

Possibly Maybe - Bjork
Cause from 1995 to 1997 this has been a must. And I still like it!

E ti vengo a cercare - CSI
The only italian song in this list... Actually a cover from Franco Battiato . Perfect, perfect song. Reminds me of the first concert I've ever been to (1996. Since then, I've seen them live other six times...) and of a bunch of other memories related to the band ...

Monochrome - Yann Tiersen
Cause this reminds me of a journey to France in March 1999. Long before Amelie and Yann Tiersen was still almost unknown.

Venus As A Boy - Bjork
June 1999 AND May 2000. The mood was flirty. Extremely flirty...listen to the lyrics! The song is an evergreen of mine, btw ;-)

American Dreaming - Dead Can Dance
November 2001. A class with Straub-Huillet . Intense. Listened to this every day, obsessively.

Bluebeard - Cocteau Twins
Cause even if I know the answer, I still wondering if He's "safe" or "toxic for me" ...

The Star of Tracks and Field - Belle&Sebastian
First song of B&S I've ever heard. Late 2001. Reminds me of a dear friend I can't meet often now...

Ecris Moi - Tetes Raides
Cause it makes me happy and reminds me of those summer evening spent with friends, in Bologna, during my Uni years. We all live in different places now and those evenings seems to be so far in time.

Hope There's Someone - Antony and the Johnsons
Listen to this the day I left for New York in 1997.

True Affection - The Blow
Cause I've always thought the lyrics are extremely good here.

One April Day - Stephin Merritt
From Pieces of April soundtrack. Beside the fact I think his voice is the sexiest ever, the song is an amazing little jewel that makes me happy and sad at the same time... Watch the movie!! I am! And now, passing the tag, I'd love to hear about their personal soundtrack from:

Sally Jane
Poke Salad Annie
Pink Bow
Greetz From Tiz
The Clothes Horse

10 commenti:

Poke Salad Annie ha detto...

great list! some of my favourites on there, for sure. thanks for tagging me! i'm excited about this one :D need some time to think about it though. i'll let you know when i post it!

PinkBow ha detto...

i love this! thanks for the tag, i too need a bit of time, so many songs to choose from!

SophieKowalski ha detto...

Mi piace molto il tuo blog,davvero sofisticato e le tue creazioni sono carinissime..ho scoperto il tuo blog dal post di L'armadio del delitto,le vostre liste mi sono piaciute molto!
Passa da me se ti va,a presto! :)

RITA ha detto...

good songs :D
i liked you blog ;)

L'armadio del delitto ha detto...

Bellissima selezione, me la sono ascoltata tutta! Anche la foto è adorabile.
Non conoscevo tutto, anzi. Ho scoperto CSI: fantastico!
Les Tetes raides pure mi piacciono.
Poi Belle&Sebastian è una mia grande passione...

Dotti ha detto...

What a funfun tag! By the way, I daore the picture you posted along with your list. Is it your radio, girl?

The Clothes Horse ha detto...

You listen to some really great stuff. Blondie is one of my all-time faves.

SophieKowalski ha detto...

E' un peccato che tu non abbia inserito Non è per sempre,sarebbe stato un altro tocco di classe italiano alla tua classifica,già di per se molto bella :D

Vain and Vapid ha detto...

This list definitely gets my seal of approval simply for having Anthony and the Johnsons on it...

AlicePleasance ha detto...

@ Dotti: unfortunately it is not mine...I've just found the pic on Flickr!