lunedì 21 aprile 2008


According to comments I noticed a lot of people seem to like my livingroom saffron wall, but probably not so much people know that every room in my house is colored. I mean not only a single wall, but every wall and cieling too.
When I moved here I thought it would be nice to live in a set of colorful cubes and so I found my favorite color tones and I did it! I like to live in colors as much as I like colorful clothes, so apart from bathrooms and kitchen that are white (but with some colored details in orange, bright red and pink here and there) I have a peacock blue room, a sage green one and...a blackcherry red bedroom.
I knew immediately my bedroom must be painted in a boudoir color and has to have opulent boudoir details - a huge ancient gold framed mirror and a big chandelier - mixed with a few minimal white furniture, just the bed and closets.

So, after the recent Spring cleaning, I can finally show you the red room.
Follow me...and click the picture to enlarge!

I know I need to hang something better than the Ikea paper lanterns that are currently here, I promise I'll work soon on it!

The mirror was already in my previous house, the Castle
. I always loved it, so decadent.
The black boxes are for jewellery and fabric flowers.

I have two closets, one for coats/sweaters/pants/skirts/bags and an entire one only for dresses! If I'll keep on buying them, I'll probably need a new closet soon...
A lot of my dresses are vintage and brightly's a fun closet!

I stored the shoes in identical yellow boxes (you can see some of them in the previous picture) with description and a photo of what is inside. Apart from the dresses closet, most of them are on top of the two closets!
Here is only a 10%...

I use this corner to showcase some of the "hits of the month", jewellery, bags, scarves...
In this period it feature a vintage leather and bakelite clutch, a Helen Rochfort handbag, my always favorite "animals" (see the lovely magpie necklace by Paraphernalia and the new giraffe bracelet) and some of the vintage scarves from my mother. From right to left: The Carousel, an abstract one from Jean Patou and my favorite, the gorgeous Mushroom Love Gucci by Accornero.

Hope you liked this little tour, a new "colored cube" will come soon ;-)

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Natasha ha detto...

I love your red walls! One of the walls in my bedroom is painted red as well. I wish I had a whole closet just for dresses!

enc ha detto...

This post was fun. Lots of color and great stuff in that closet!

Eleh ha detto...

that is really a nice shade of red!

and oh. my house is filled with colours too. pruple, green, blue are among some.

and the colour to my bedroom? bright YELLOW!! haha.

TokyoBunnie ha detto...

that pink flowered dress hanging on the closet door is adorable!

Ranna ha detto...

Ypu have an amazing collection of vintage dresses - I would totally like to raid your closet. :)

Scheharazade ha detto...

The golden mirror is lovely !! So Versailles^^

Kasix ha detto...

Ohh I
love your closet ! :D

Mikiye Creations ha detto...

How FUN!!!!

I LOVE my Crimson Red walls in my Living room!
Everyone thinks it's weird until they see them and then they think it's pretty.

Can't wait for the whole tour of the rainbow!

Emilia ha detto...

Wow! I'm so jealous that you don't have to share a closet with a boy like I do! I would kill for a dresses-only closet!