martedì 8 aprile 2008

Isabeli And The Dream Of Horses

I'm having troubles with pc/Internet at home (hopefully everything will be fixed before Sunday and I'll be back reading blogs and replying to comments), but at least I'm having good mail days... Yesterday and today the postman came with a lot of big packages for me: so nice, it was like an April Christmas or a belated Easter treat!

One of the best treats came from Buzz Paradize, who sent me a fab lingerie set from the French brand Passionata.
This set feature a new print called Passio in a seductive palette of black and pink, the fabric is really wonderful so it will surely be comfortable to wear (I'll try it soon!) and the details are great (love the little ribbons and the lace Passionata logo on the bra).

With the underwear also came a cd with the making-of of the new advertising campaign, from David La Chapelle.

A sexy fairytale, a pink dream in a boudoir atmosphere where the beautiful Isabeli Fontana really - as wrote on the website - "unlocks the unexpected" and melts the heart of a gigantic ice horse wearing nothing else than the fantastic Passionata lingerie.

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Jovana ha detto...

Oh, that lingerie set is beautiful! I saw that commercial a couple of days ago on some German channel - sexy Isabeli!

Fruchtzwerg ha detto...

I tagged you! For more information go to my blog

bronwyn ha detto...

What an amazing package to receive - enjoy it! The lingerie is gorgeous.

enc ha detto...

Blimey: riding an ice horse. Yeowch!

aficionada ha detto...

Isabella is beautiful. Love your blog's name by the way =)