venerdì 18 aprile 2008

Shopping, Cooking, Tagging

I'm so sorry for these last 10 days with no posts...I wrote about the troubles with Internet at home but my ADSL is still on holiday and I just found anything won't change until April 24th (at least, at this point!). I'm currently a 53K snail and although I can read a few blogs, I can't visualize the pictures so it's often not much fun!

With this change of perspectives I had to find new things to do during the few free moments at home, so I had a massive Spring cleaning in my closets and bedroom (when I'll be completely back to blog I'll finally can show it!) and I tried the Bagels recipe I saved on my pc so long ago. Yum.

If sun will shine again bringing some warm days I hope to make a little Sunday brunch every week :-)

Of course I also did shopping and I received little "presents" in the mail so pictures will come too!

Last but not least, Fruchtzwerg's Island tagged me and despite to my slow reply, here are my answers :-)

8 things I am passionate about:

* Cinema and TV series
* Art
* The 50's (and early 60's)
* Lonely Planet Guides
* Vintage dresses
* Food (real and fake!)
* Anthropology, expecially antropology of death (sounds creepy?!?)
* Old photos and home movies

6 things I want to do before I die:

* Have a family (this sounds creepy too!)
* Have a (secret) garden with all sorts of flowers and fruit trees
* An Orient Express trip
* Learn how to walk (decently) in high heels
* Visit many places in the US, Hong Kong and Japan
* A photography class

8 things I say often:

* By the way...
* I'm late (but I'm always before time!)
* I must be brave
* I'm sorry (too often...)
* At least

Well, I can think only 5 right now, there are probably italian words I can't properly translate!

8 books I have read lately:

I must confess my own guild and sadly admit from January till now I read only 4 or 5 books (and actually I did't fall in love with them) so forgive me but I'll go with my last 3 years favorites :-)

* The Way The Crow Flies - Ann-Marie MacDonald
* The Dogs Of Babel - Carolyn Parkhurst
* Glass Soup - Jonathan Carroll
* Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close - Jonathan Safran Foer
* The Time Traveler's Wife - Audrey Niffenegger
...a lot more than last 3 years, but still big favorites:
* The Comfort Of Strangers - Ian McEwan
* Asylum - Patrick McGrath
* The Virgin Suicides - Jeffrey Eugenides
* Interpreter of Maladies - Jhumpa Lahiri

8 songs I could listen to over and over:

* Don't Look Away - The Magnetic Fields
* Make Up - Psapp
* True Affection - The Blow
* Sunday Girl - Blondie
* One Night Stand - The Pipettes
* Downtown - Petula Clark
* Family Tree - Belle&Sebastian
* One April Day - Stephin Merritt

8 things that attract me to best friends:

Oh...really, I don't know! Here it's not about "things", it's all about that specific person!

Probably at today everyone around here has been already tagged...but I'll try and pass it to:
The Capricious Club
Childhood Flames
Dance With Me Forever
Sophisticated Pufs
Because I'm Addicted

12 commenti:

suzy. ha detto...

so glad you're back online. those bagels look amazing.

autumn ha detto...

can't stand no internet for days. i'm too lazy to do household chores. lol.

great blog. =]

August ha detto...

I've just discovered your blog and love it. Your bagels and lox look scrumptious. I'm definitely linking you!

helvetica ha detto...

thank you for tagging me dear, i already made this tag-thing few days can check it at my blog:)

Celulite ha detto...

Hello. This post is likeable, and your blog is very interesting, congratulations :-). I will add in my blogroll =). If possible gives a last there on my blog, it is about the Celulite, I hope you enjoy. The address is A hug.

Guerreira ha detto...

Yums indeed, the bagels look very good! Can you share the recipe? ;-)

AlicePleasance ha detto...

@ suzy: Thank you, hopefully I will be completely back this week!

@ autumn: I can't stand too! But I need to do something!!! Glad you like the blog ;-)

@ august: Thanks! Your blog is really nice too, I'm linking you too :-)

@ helvetica: Oops, sorry, with this slow Internet I missed it!

@ guerreira: I have to translate it, but recipe will come for sure as soon as I'll be back to ADSL connection!

Eleh ha detto...
Questo commento è stato eliminato dall'autore.
Meg ha detto...

The chorus of Downtown is one of my favourites...I can even sing it in German. Great list! The bagels are making me so hungry.

Anonimo ha detto...

oh i didnt know we were tagged! maybe Sasza knew.. anyway.. thanks ;]


AlicePleasance ha detto...

@ puf: I should have left you a comment on your blog telling I tagged you...I'm sorry if I didn't do it!!!

AlicePleasance ha detto...

@ meg: the chorus of Downtown in german? ...You really rocks!!!