martedì 22 luglio 2008

Hyper Shopping

We all have our personal mythologies. In this crazy world full of too skinny/too fat people, I proudly go on with my food obsession. Better, my visual obsession for food.

Looking at pictures posted on Wardrobe_Remix and on various blogs, I realized I'm probably not the only one who like taking and looking at pictures taken in grocery stores and supermarkets...


Dance With Me Forever

and my favorite, from The Clothes Horse

There's something appealing in those colored too full shelves...all those food, that guilty consumistic pleasure is the perfect background for a picture in wich you "spy" on people's cute outfits!

The latest series of the French photographer Denis Darzacq, Hyper, works in a similar manner.

In this case, the loss of gravity, with bodies floating in mid air in an hyper structured space, is sort of a collision between primal and superfluous. It looks like they float in reaction to their everyday life or like they're so mesmerized by the subliminal - comsumerist - meanings of that space (a Non-Place, as Marc Augé would call it) that start floating, loosing the control of their body, like a somnambulist.

On a side note, it's also really interesting that none of the pictures above is photoshopped or digitally reworked. All the models are professional dancers and sportsmen.
...A complete control of the body is needed when you have to look like you're loosing it!

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GossipZ ha detto...

I love the pictures with the dancers, they look like Matrix characters, don't you think so?

The Clothes Horse ha detto...

Oh my goodness, those gravity defying ones are amazing! It's just so appealing to look at something surreal and special surrounded by the monontonous and mundane!

Anonimo ha detto...

wow those photos are breathtakingly cool! thanks for sharing!

Sharon Rose ha detto...

LOL-I just about pose for pictures, let alone do that in the supermarket-for the brave, I suppose!! The last pictures are incredibly cool!!

AlicePleasance ha detto...

@ gossipz: it's totally true!

La Clocharde ha detto...

Oh, I loved this post!!
I also have that "visual obsession" of food you write about.
Supermarket backgrounds are great for photos, so full of bright colours and strange simetry.

And the French photographer pics are just great. I can't believe they are not digitally retouched!!

Thank you for your very kind comments.
Visiting your blog is a pleasure. You always have something cute, or surprising or interesting!!


selinaoolala ha detto...

no photoshop?! unbelievable! i love supermarket shots too and have a few saved in my inspo folder, i don't know how you would sneak a tripod into a supermarket though!

Grace ha detto...

Wow, some impressive camera work there!

Reminds me off the times I get bored and wander round supermarkets marveling at all the different type of food on offer!

Jenaveve ha detto...

Oh wow - food fused with fashion. I love it!! I'd rather be looking at the fashion than the naughty food though... I have to link to this post later, it's too good!

tokyobanhbao ha detto...

cool shots in the supermarket ... flying in the front of the yoghurts or next to the toilet paper?.. can it be real!!?;-)...and nice photos of inspiration in the supermarket... XXX

Betsey ha detto...

thanks for your comment!
i love these pictures- theyre so cute.
your blog is adorable!