giovedì 15 luglio 2010

Strange And Beautiful

I change, but my addiction to nailpolish is still here. I really can't live without a layer of smooth color on my feet (and amost never on my hands!) expecially in summer.

I am all for solid saturated shades, brights or muted, and I could wear almost every color, just for a night out - some too bright shades really don't work with my pale skin - or for weeks.

When I saw the exclusive line of nail polishes designed by Jane Schaub sometimes ago on the internet I immediately loved it.

It's called StrangeBeautiful and indeed it is. The most exciting thing is the colors come in three different sets - volumes - of eight pieces and each nail polish is inspired by...pretty strange details that make me smile: the red Valentine typewriter, the slate blue color of a uniform in an 1846 N.Currier print, Violette ink from the venerable French ink company J. Herbin, the dreadfully wonderful dirty almond color used on kitchen appliances and so on...

The painful note: each set costs 56£ (available here) Definitely not so great for my actual budget.

What's your favorite volume? I'd probably choose the first one, but I'd be a very happy girl with all the tree of them!

3 commenti:

Every Little Counts ha detto...

great weird colors. i love them all.

Johanna ha detto...

I love this line. Wrote about them, too. They are awesome!

private investigator ha detto...

each color harmonizes with any kind of clothes