giovedì 19 novembre 2009

Alternative Ways

Being not a real fashion weeks addicted, I adore all the extra efforts that makes a fashion show look more than a mere accumulation of expensive wonderful stuff. Alexander - My God - McQueen and a few others regularly make me scream with joy and excitement every season, but of course I regularly find some other shows to like.

And if you choose to showcase your new collection on a 12 foot tall zoetrope, you can be sure I'll love it!

This happened when Temperley, looking for an alternative way to exhibit their new circus inspired Spring/Summer 2010 collection, hooked up with Legs and they ended building a 12-foot-tall carousel structure that combine rudimentary film loops with modern projection technology to showcase ten circus acts while at the same time displaying 15 different Temperley looks.

Read more about it here and watch the videos below to see the zoetrope in action!

5 commenti:

Jyun ha detto...

this is some inspirational stuff. I'm always a fan of magical and whimsical stuff

pennycones ha detto...

Loved this post so much.

Thank you!

L'armadio del delitto ha detto...

Molto originale in effetti. E che musica!

PinkBow ha detto...

oh i adore temperley too, so feminine

AlicePleasance ha detto...

@ L'armadio: sì, infatti, la musica è fantastica!