mercoledì 14 maggio 2008

The Hybrid, The Hunter, The Dilemma

I'm a girl who like shoes. Actually a cliché, I know (but I could say I also love evrything else, so...)
In this period I'm really loving that kind of shoes you can call hybrid, a mix between ankle boots/sandals/peeptoes/sling back/wedges and probably everything else.

I first bought these

a good compromise: they're hybrid yet pretty comfy and - yay - they're red!
But my wish list is still full...just yesterday I discovered Tashkent by Cheyenne shoes via Kingdom of Style and I fell for these

Ok, I know they're a bit beyond my possibilities at the moment, but there are these cuffed sandals from ASOS too and they're right to be added to my virtual shopping bag...

A lot of people will probably hate them and my mother will say I always buy shoes I like without thinking of real life. And know what? I'll have to admit she's right... here comes the dilemma! I tend to buy tons of shoes I like, all adorable in my opinion, but I totally skip functional shoes and the result is I have not a single pair that works on a rainy day. In Winter I can pull on a pair of boots and heavy socks and my feet can stay dry (circa), but in Summer I wear only sandals, ballerinas and all sort of shoes that can't get wet.
On a Summer rainy day you will probably see me wearing flip flops, cause in my crazy opinion it's better to get wet feet than wet shoes. At least feet dry fast and in Summer only a quick storm and not an all-day-long-rain is expected!
Of course I know I should change my habits and buy something that work better than flip flops, but I'm still thinking...are functional shoes made for me?!?

Rain boots maybe? A pair of classic Hunter boots?

...or something more colored?

All via Ebay, 1-4, 2-3

...Or maybe again, a pair of Converse (yes, there are no sneakers too in my wardrobe at the moment...I'm not a sporty girl!)? My feet will probably get wet but certainly less than with sandals and at least I can design my own pair...!

11 commenti:

Liberty ha detto...

I'm in love with those Tashkent by Cheyenne wedge boots sandal hybrids as well, but totally unrealistic price range. sad face.

Pretty In Black ha detto...

I like the grey shoes and the black studded pair too. I usually wear converse or sandals in summer.

yiqin; ha detto...

Ahhh I have a whales rain boots & I love it! you should get it too :D & yes, I don't own any pair of converse shoes either/

Jello on Springs ha detto...

I'm lacking practical shoes as well, especially flats and mid heel shoes. And I hate rainy days for this reason too, usually when it rains ill wear my motorcycle boots just because the soles are made of rubber and I won't slip in the rain but yea other times I don't have the right shoes.

Fashion Addict ha detto...

cute cute shoes! BTW, love your blog and I would like to do a link exchange with you.... please contact me later about it!

Denise ha detto...

the 4th shoes are amazing im jealous you got these!

Fashion Addict ha detto...

thanks for addiing my link! I just added yours!

The Clothes Horse ha detto...

I like the shoes. They're a bit odd, well really odd, but in a very good way.

AlicePleasance ha detto...

@ liberty: yes...I sadly couldn't afford them too :-(

@ pretty in black: the studded pair will be mine soon, yay!

@ yiqin;: I'll probably will give them a try!

@ jello on springs: I hate to slip in the rain...!

@ fashion addict: you're welcome!

@ the clothes horse: yes, they're odd...a bit ugly for someone, but again, in a good way!!!

BlackMoon ha detto...

For a rainy day I suggest a pair of plain black pumps with high heels. Converse are a good investment, cuz you can wear them on a rainy day AND a warm day, as well. Just match them with a TShirt and a skirt/short and voila! Chic&sporty. Efortless ;)

Sam ha detto...

all of those shoes are wonderful!! i'm also in love with hybrids.