domenica 18 maggio 2008

To Market, To Market!

After the disappointment for the local flea market last week, I decided to give another chance to the weekly open market. I was prepared to come back home empty handed, so it was a huge surprise when I found and bought not one, but 3 dresses and 3 belts!

The first one is a silk mini dress that I paired here with sparkling pink sequined flats and one of my big fabric flower, but it works well also as a tunic top with my ankle jeans and my classic black ballet pumps.

Then I found another silk dress (funny enough I usually don't buy silky items!!!), almost 50s style (it should look good with a petticoat) and with a nice colored print. I tried it on with different accessories: tan peeptoes from ASOS
- but bought on Ebay for half the price - the sparkling flats, once again, and two of the belts I bought for 3 Euros each.

The last dress is a little prairie thing, so Oh-I-Like-The-Country and very Little Red Riding Hood style, and it was only 3 Euros. I'll post pictures of it later.

It's funny, but it's so unusual here to buy something for a few Euros that I felt so happy! Thrift stores are only a dream and probably they will never be a possibility...when I say the biggest part of my dresses are vintage a lot of people are a little disgusted... "so you wear something someone else owned before you?" they ask me often...and they're completely disgusted when I talk about vintage shoes!! I used to wear vintage things since I was 15, so I don't care and at least I am more fascinated about the previous lives of my clothes than scared about the owners...I always choose clothes in pristine conditions, avoiding dusty-dirty-bad smelling stuff, so in my opinion there's nothing to fear about.
Usually old clothes here go to charity or they're simply trown away...what a waste!!! There are vintage stores, but a lot of the items are incredibly overpriced, it seems most of these stores are approchable only by stylists and hip rich people!
Vintage/flea open markets are definitely the last chance!

And it's so great when you find a bargain... :-)

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Frances ha detto...

Both of those dresses are adorable - great finds! :)

Dotti ha detto...

Oh, how happy I am you stumbled across my blog. Because that's how I found yours. I immediately fell in love with the jewelery and can't wait until all the stuff is listed – I might order a lot, so be prepared... ;)

Kisses from Hamburg: Dotti

Elle ha detto...

i love the two dresses and how you made different looks out of both of them! niceee.

Times of Glory ha detto...

Hello, I came across your gorgeous blog and absolutely love your posts - they are individual, beautiful and artistic! The dresses on you look very chic and pretty xx

Mer ha detto...

lovely, both dresses are perfect!

N/OutofFashion ha detto...


I am so jealous!

AlicePleasance ha detto...

@ dotti, times of glory: oh, thanks so much...I'm blushing! Your blogs are awesome, so great to "meet" you ;-)

saray ha detto...

I really like the first one :)

yiqin; ha detto...

I especially love the second dress! & yes, I love a good bargain anytime!