sabato 8 agosto 2009

Tags and Awards

Tags. I'm really bad with this kind of things! Lately I was tagged two times and I also received an award from two lovely ladies, Polly Farthing and Poke Salad Annie.

The first tag was about listing six things that make me happy, the second one about listing 10 things you don't [and might not want to] know about me.
I feel a bit guilty, but I think I'll break the rules a little (as per usual...) and list just three things "of each kind".

So, the odd numbers are things that I love/make me happy, the even numbers are for things you don't know about me...

This picture, surely my favorite, of Anna Karina and Jean Luc Godard:

My favorite english word is "dandelion", followed by "knickers".

This city:

Photo: Scott Schuman.

My grand-grandfather had six siblings and three of them moved to US at the beginning of 20th century. At today, I know I have some long lost cousins in Rochester, NY.

This video/song, cause melancholy could be a nice feeling and Kermit is a genius:

There are four people with my same name on Facebook.

7 commenti:

Jessica Cangiano ha detto...

Congrats on your lovely awards, honey! How fascinating to learn a little more about you and some of your favourite things. That shot of Venice is absolutely breath-taking!

Wishing you a beautiful weekend!
♥ Jessica

Anonimo ha detto...

Congraulations on your awards! =) You definitely deserve them!

And I love the word dandelion too! Ostentatious is also a fun one ;)

PinkBow ha detto...

congrats on your awards & lovely to learn more about you!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse ha detto...

Wow, adorable list. I love Anna Karina. :) She's lovely.

Amelia ha detto...

Congrats on the award! I love the picture of Venice.

Anonimo ha detto...

Well done on your awards! I enjoy your blog very much. Glad you wrote some of the things that make you happy - they are lovely Polly x

Rachel ha detto...

aw, good song... i love the video of kermit singing the nine inch nails' song hurt. it's so sad and so wrong.